Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Lately Trevor has been trying to ditch the afternoon nap. It is not working so well for him. The other day I was working in the kitchen and I asked Coy to go and tell Trevor something for me. About 5 minutes later Coy comes back and says "I can't find Trevor I have looked all over for him." So I went into panic mode and am searching high and low for him, calling his name and there is no response. So I head outside searching for him at this point I am really about to panic when just then Coy comes out and tells me he found him. He was sound asleep behind a basket of unfolded laundry. (yes I have lots of those) I was so releaved.

This and the bottom picture are just some of the random places I find my boy.

Seth cracks me up:

Yesterday I was out playing with the boys after school when a boyfriend and a girlfriend, middle school age, walked by. The boy was giving the girl a piggy back ride when all of a sudden the boy trips and they are both sprawled on the ground looking really embarrassed. I was trying to act like I hadn't noticed and not to laugh at them. Then I hear Seth say loudly. "Are they Retarded, Mom I think they really are retarded did you see them fall." It was funny!


NaDell said...

I noticed.
I think Trevor is SO cute. It's funny when kids fall asleep everywhere, as long as you don't have to carry them.
Oh, the things you see watching a neighborhood!
You could write a book like Dr. Seuss watching yours.=)

Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

oh my goodness!!! that's hilarious!!! trevor is adorable!!! :)

Kevin & Mary Claybrook said...

That is hilarious!! What a funny little man! ;)