Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well I guess it has been long enough since my last post. I have been reading the Twighlight series. This may be really unpopular to say but...WOW...what a waste of time. They are Ok till the last book and then it just gets way to weird. So if you have not read it and your contemplating doing so in the next little while, may I suggest an alternitive of pulling our your toe nails out one by one, scratching your nails on a chalk board or having a colonoscopy... I guarantee it would be time better spent than reading these rediculous books and even more entertaining. I was not really impressed.

Moving on...We recently had two birthdays. Lydia turned one. I can't beleave how quickly time flies. She has been a true blessing in our home. She has four adoring brothers who vow to keep her safe from just about everything. We also celebrated my sweet little boy Trevors birthday. I unfortunitly have not got the pictures off of the camera that Milton has at work so I will post a picture later. Trevor is the sweetest little boy. I am so grateful for this little 3 year old.

I will post later with some picturs of our Memorial Day weekend. We went to Everett to spend some time with my sister and to do some sight seeing. Blog to you soon


jemmettclan said...

I am with you on the Twilight series. I did enjoy the first book, but the rest, I felt, were a waste of time (although I still read them...). Sounds like you guys have been busy and got to eat lots of Birthday Cake...yea for Birthdays!!

Mary said...

I'm glad I didn't read it and look forward to seeing Trevor's pictures and the ones from the week-end too.

Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

Happy Birthday kiddos!!! =) You're doing a great job Christen.. and what are they Twilight books?

haha, jk!! That's just how uninterested I am in them!

Kevin & Mary Claybrook said...

I'm glad to hear that you aren't thrilled with the Twilight series. I've been thinking about starting the books.. but, I wasn't thrilled about the movie.
Happy Birthday to Lydia! I can't believe she's already one!!