Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More From My Last Post

On May 20 We had another birthday at our house.
Here is my sweet little Trevor on his 3rd birthday. He has brought so much joy into our home. I am so grateful for his quick smile and for him being so cuddly . I love to just sit and hold him. It does a mommy's heart good.Over memorial day weekend we went to the west side of the state. We stayed with Kelly my sister in Everett. She showed us a few of the sights. The one below is the Mulkelteo Light house ( I am sure I just murdered that word) We had a fun time there. I would of gotten in the picture but it was really tight up at the top and we had to hurry so we just hurried and snapped a picture.
It was really funny though, Jared was really scared to go up in the light house and really just looked silly going up and coming down the light house spiral staircase. When we were back down on the ground Jared walked over and asked Milton "Can we go up in the Space Needle Tomorrow" Milton explained that the Space Needle was much higher then the light house, So Jared let it go. The next day we spent a few hours in Seattle. We went on a fairy ride, walked the pier, saw Ballard Locks and stopped by the Seattle temple. We had a good time unfortunately our camera was not working well and didn't get good pictures.
This is at the Light house also
On last Thursday we went to Pasco to see the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain. They are exact replicas of tall ships from 1700's. The Lady Washington was in Pirate of the Caribbean. It was a fun experience to go and see these beautiful ships.


Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

your kids are all growing up way too fast!!! SLOW DOWN KIDS!! haha

Mary said...

I'm so glad you got to go see the Tall Ships. I saw they were nearby but couldn't be in two places last week...

SunnyD said...

Hey girlie! Of course I remeber you! It's great to hear from you and you have an ADORABLE family!!! FIVE KIDS!!! Are we old or what!?!? There seems to be a shortage of pictures of YOU on here.... :)