Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

Today is not only Valentines day but it has also been 10 years since I meet my wonderful husband. Cupids arrow hit us on February 14, 1999, and here is the story. My brother Jason had a girl friend who was friends with Miltons sister Nadell. So I wanted to meet Jason's girl friend and he insisted that I had to go on a double date with him in order to meet her so I told him "I will not go stag on a double date" and he said " I'll find you a date. Nadell has a brother comming home from a mission in a few weeks we will set it up". So I agreed. The date was set for February 15 but I insisted that I go to his homecomming just to make sure he wasnt to weird and if he was I would have enough time to back out before the date. As I watched him give his talk I had a very strong impression that he would someday be my husband.He was impressive, and I had the pleasure of meeting him after sacrament meeting. And the rest is history.

So for this Valentines and anniversity Milton had 18 long stem red roses delivered to me. It made my day. He is a fantastic husband and I love him deeply.

Happy Valentines to all you love birds


NaDell said...

Yeah, and then we went to go bowling the next night on President's Day and they were all over each other. Milton had been home from his mission for 5 DAYS! They were married that April. So fast, but obviously it worked out, right?

NaDell said...

Jason was the best friend of my boyfriend at the time and I needed a double, so I set him up with my friend. Then Jason and I set up Milton and Christen. Fun stuff.

Mary said...

And now we know Christen's side of the story. We are so glad the 'blind date' worked out!