Thursday, February 19, 2009

Make your need known!

INSTRUCTIONS: Type in your name and the word needs in quotes (in my case, "Christen needs”) into a search engine and see what comes up. List the first 10!

Christen needs extra assistance when navigating over curbs and cracks in the dark.

Christen needs Any ideal candidate whose area consists of Business Continuity, Risk Management, IT Security, Disaster Recovery

christen needs numbers for her new cell fone.

christen needs apple juice.

Christen needs a photo to post.

Christen needs additional hydration, but she will not longer receive nightly nutrition ...

Christen needs her posterboard

Christen needs a cyber wedding shower.

Christen needs some help keeping him under wraps.

Christen Needs to Know”

Kinda funny to see what comes up!

1 comment:

NaDell said...

Interesting. I don't think my name works for this kind of thing very well.