Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting to Know You

Take how old you are (if you want to, if not, choose a number above 20) and name interesting facts about you that no one else knows (try to stay away from gross ones), so that others reading it can get to know you better.
Christen Ann Crowther, age 30

1) I am the new cub scout leader (wolf & bear) in my ward.
2) I like to sing in the shower.
3) I have actually hidden dirty dishes in my oven a few different times, when someone was coming over.
4) I've been engaged twice.
5) Now that I have figured it out I now enjoy blogging!
6) I HATE shopping.
7) I talk to my sister every day!
8) I love to cook...It is therapeutic for me.
9) I hate to fly, I would rather drive across for 6 days then to get there in a few hours.
10) Milton and I went to the same elementary school and his dad bought calves from my dad when we were young. We like to joke that we knew each other for much longer then the actual 2 months that we did before we married.
11) When I was in the second grade I did a show and tell when I showed my class mates that my stuffed bear could do tricks and I demonstrated by tossing and twirling it in the air. I thought I was so clever.
12) In elementary school I had a very large black woman as a teacher that I HATED. One day Kelly (my sister) was sick and didn't go to school and Mrs Donaldson asked why she wasn't at school. I told her it was because Kelly died of a nose bleed. It got around the school and eventually the teacher realized she looked really stupid for telling all the other teachers, Kelly was at school the next day and I had extra home work. I was a big Dork! haha
13) James Buchanan, Prez of U.S., is one of my ancestors. He was a bad man though.
14) Not only is Milton from a Crowther line but so am I. Don't worry we are not related:)
15) I LOVE having my kids home from school. I love being with them
16) If you put a movie on I will fall asleep, It drives Milton crazy
17) I have a very interesting mind and can ask very weird questions that I really want a answer to.
18) When I was 5 I was wearing manure boots walking around looking for my dad on the dairy and I went through a holding pen that needed scraped and I got suctioned in the manure and couldn't get out I stood there about 1/2 hr. and no one came. I had to step out of my boots and go home to clean up.
19) My favorite food is swiss steak w/massed potatoes.
20) When My youngest son was a baby I put a dress I really wanted to see on one of my babys on him. My track record for ever having a girl wasn't very good.
21) When I was pregnant with Lydia I hoped she was a boy because I think boys are sooo fun and I was used to them.
22) I love to can food.
23) I love making crafts.
24) I really miss having a relationship with my brother.
25) It has been many years since I have actually gotten all of my laundry done at one time
26) I can eat a lot of frosting!
27) I'm a Dr. Laura listener.
28) My new years resolution is to be debt free. I want to call Dave Ramsey!!!
29) My other new years resolution is to lose weight. I will succeed.
30) I love to scrap book but have no time to.

Tag to all who read.


NaDell said...

I love hearing your stories.
The one about your sister died of a nose bleed is hilarious! How funny are you?
I read it, does that mean I'm tagged again? =)

C.Family said...

I didn't know some of those things. Very interesting!

Amy said...

You guys all have such funny stories about stuff that you did or that happened to you when you were younger. My childhood is soooo boring in comparison! I will TRY to think of enough things to do a post but it will probably take me a full week, I hate coming up with stuff about myself!

Amy said...

I was sooo proud of myself today when I got down to having only one load of laundry left, and then I went into the kids' bathroom and gathered at least 2 more loads worth! Ugh!

Amy said...

You should try digital scrapbooking. It's the only kind I have time for!
And Jason says if he's the brother you miss then we should get together sometime.