Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok I need some help. How do I get the list of blog sites on to my blog page. Like NaDell has all her friends and family blogs. I am not computer savvy. Someone please help!


NaDell said...

Go into your Customize section and then "Add a Gadget". You can pick a list to add each address to from there.
OR go to your profile page and add the links (the website addresses) to the ones you follow (if you do it this way, you won't loose them) and then if you want to, you can add them to your site by doing what you did above, but you don't have to type in the address, just choose "Blogs I follow" when you want to add.
Hope that makes sense. If not, give me a call.

NaDell said...

You got it. Good. Glad you figured it out.

Eric and Andrea Budd said...

I'm so happy you guys have a blog! You're family is so dang cute!! :)