Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Very Thankful

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. After grumpily getting all my kids ready for school or to walk to school, Jared walked by me with a sly grin and said, "are you mad again mom"! Usually it is my kids that put things into perspective for me. I thought "I don't have anything to be grumpy about and I am extremely blessed, So stop being grumpy" So I wanted to remember the 6 people in my life that bring me such joy!

I am so grateful for a husband who leaves the warmth of our bed very early in the morning and goes out in the freezing cold to provide for our family. I'm grateful that he is an active patriarch in our home. I'm grateful for the fact that at Halloween even when ward members made comments like "Ether he is really crazy, really brave or he really loves his kids" Milton still wore the superman costume to the ward Halloween party just to see the smile and adoration of his children. That's a real true life Superman.

I am thankful for my 8yr old Jared. He has such a sweet personality. It takes alot to ruffle his feathers. He is so helpful to me. I am grateful for the example he sets for his family

I am grateful for my little 7 yr old Seth. He is also a big helper. I can always count on Seth to make me laugh. He loves to be a goof ball and he is good at it.

I'm grateful for my 5yr old Coy. I'm especially grateful for Coy's ability to get me to understand what he is saying using hand gestures when I can't understand his words.(a work in progress). I love how about 5 times a day he tells me I am his best friend or that he would really love to marry me someday. He is good at making his mom feel really loved.

Now there is my little 2yr old Trevor. I love that he loves to be cuddled. I love to just sit and read or sing or talk to him. I also love how he tries to dress himself and looks utterly ridiculous yet wonderfully adorable. He is a fun boy!

Then there is Lydia, 8 months and adorable. I'm grateful that she is a girl. She is soooo fun to dress. I love just watching her learn and develop. Babies, whether a boy or a girl, are such a blessing. I am thankful for my little baby girl.

I'm not grumpy any more. I love my sweet family.


Eric and Andrea Budd said...

I can't get over what an adorable little family you have! They are all so cute. But, I think the picture of Milton is my favorite. What a stud :)

NaDell said...

I didn't know that Milton dressed up. What were your boys? The same as at Colby's party? Cute.
It's always good to remember why we are HERE and what we are supposed to be doing.

Tina Crowther said...

I love your kids too! You're a great mom.. and we all have grumpy days. I'm very impressed that you were able to get over it so easily!

Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

i'm glad you're having a better day now!!! i love you and your family!! you're a great mom!!! love ya!!! and miss ya!!!