Friday, January 30, 2009

I was tagged!

Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.

1. Pick the 6th Folder, then select the the 6th picture in that folder.

2. Post that picture on your blog and the story that goes along with the picture.

3. Tag 6 other people that you know or don’t know to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog or an e-mail letting them know you chose them.

During the summer we went to visit mom and dad in Walla Walla and as we were driving home I was playing with Milton's new camera. Seth was out so I snapped the picture.

I tag... Tiffany, Andrea, Mary Claybrook, Jenna, Amy, Shai

1 comment:

NaDell said...

What a silly picture. I love when kids sleep in the car. It makes the trip SO much better.